The Le Mans Coupe

Hollywood’s latest attempt to capture motorsport through the recreation, and dramatisation, of historic events that have shaped the sport have once again highlighted the legend that is the AC Cobra. The recent blockbuster staring Matt Daemon and Christian Bale brings to life the story of Le Mans racing in the 60’s.

Created in 1962 by combining an AC chassis and shell with a substantially tweaked Ford small-block V8, the AC Shelby Cobra was a mighty weapon on tight and twisty tracks.

Known as the Le Mans Coupe, AC created ‘slippery’ Cobras with around a dozen works-prepared competition cars built for the 1963 season using the now famous steel ladder frame AC chassis.

The Cobra’s debut at Le Mans consisted of a split effort with one car fielded by AC Cars with none other than Stirling Moss as the team manager, while the second Le Mans Cobra was entered by American privateer Ed Hugus. 

Despite the power advantage, the Cobras were not quite able to match the much more slippery Ferrari 250 GTOs on raw pace. Very early in the race, the effort was down to just one car as the ‘American’ Cobra was disqualified for adding fluids (oil) within the first 25 laps after the carter was holed. The AC Cars Cobra did survive and finished a commendable seventh overall and third in the GT class.

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