A very limited series of just 12 cars – six based on each iconic model – will feature
technology both new and old. Hand-rolled and hand-beaten aluminium bodywork by
AC Heritage, located at the legendary Brooklands Motor Circuit, in Surrey.
State-of-the-art electric powertrain by experts Falcon Electric of Derby. Rolled out to
coincide with Le Mans 2021.

The cars will have chassis numbers based on the originals and listed in the ‘AC Bible’,
a historical listing that secures their future valuation.

Poised to once again turn heads on the road. Electrifying in more ways than one.

In 1963, we built two bespoke Cobras for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, equally distinctive
for their aerodynamic aluminum hardtop as for their winning ways. Their registration
numbers were 39 PH and 645 CGT and their chassis numbers were 2131
and 2142, respectively. A celebrated team sponsored by the Sunday Times and
managed by Stirling Moss.

The two racing-exclusive Cobras inspired the AC Cobra Le Mans electric.

Chassis numbers for the AC Cobra Le Mans electric 39 PH:
COB 2131/1 right-hand drive or COX 2131/1 for left-hand drive
COB 2131/2 right-hand drive or COX 2131/2 for left-hand drive
COB 2131/3 right-hand drive or COX 2131/3 for left-hand drive
COB 2131/4 right-hand drive or COX 2131/4 for left-hand drive
COB 2131/5 right-hand drive or COX 2131/5 for left-hand drive
COB 2131/6 right-hand drive or COX 2131/6 for left-hand drive

Chassis numbers for the AC Cobra Le Mans electric 645 CCT:
COB 2142/1 right-hand drive or COX 2142/1 for left-hand drive
COB 2142/2 right-hand drive or COX 2142/2 for left-hand drive
COB 2142/3 right-hand drive or COX 2142/3 for left-hand drive
COB 2142/4 right-hand drive or COX 2142/4 for left-hand drive
COB 2142/5 right-hand drive or COX 2142/5 for left-hand drive
COB 2142/6 right-hand drive or COX 2142/6 for left-hand drive

There will be a limited run of 12 AC Cobra Le Mans electric and only 12 reservations will be taken.

When a build slot becomes available, you will be notified by an authorised dealer who will also confirm the exact sale price and deposit amount. Once the deposit amount has been paid, building will commence immediately. AC Cars’ recommended retail price is currently GBP 600,000 +VAT.


AC Cars (England) Ltd is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification and we reserve the right to change without notice.
Some features may vary between optional and standard for different model years.