New Cobra. Stealthy.
The AC Cobra Series 4 electric will be available in 15 colours: AC Guardsman Blue, AC Princess Blue, AC Rosso Chiaro, AC Light Green, AC Mist Silver, AC Sky Blue, AC Wimbledon White, AC British Racing Green, AC Black, AC Beige, AC Electric Blue, AC Electric Black, AC Electric White, AC Electric Green, or the brand-new, mouth-watering AC Electric Orange. AC twin matching contrast stripes can be added as an optional extra. You know you want, nay, need them.

Electrifying. From the inside out.
Heritage, style and performance have not been cast aside in the name of emissions and the AC Cobra Series 4 electric. On the contrary, it features one of the strongest specification/performance combinations in the AC stable: 460 KW power, 1,000 Nm peak torque, 500 Nm continuous torque, 54 KWh battery with 6 kW charging capacity, 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds, and a 200-mile range. Yes, we’re really proud of this one.

Superblower revisited.
The AC Cobra Series 4 electric weighs less than 1,190 kg and this is key to both its impressive range and staying true to AC’s high standards for speed and acceleration. Just like the launch of the much-loved AC Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV was a landmark in the brand’s road to recovery and revival, the AC Cobra Series 4 electric will be a significant milestone in the achievement of emission-free excellence.

Reservations are now being taken and the first customer deliveries are expected in Summer 2021.

The retail selling price for the AC Cobra Series electric is £168,000, plus any on-the-road charges.

The reservation fee is GBP 2,500 and is fully refundable at any time until the final order is placed with an authorised AC dealer.
Paying the reservation fee does not oblige you to place an order and refunds will
be paid within 28 days of the request being received.

When a build slot becomes available, you will be notified by an authorised dealer who will also confirm the exact sale price and deposit amount.
Once the deposit amount has been paid, building will commence immediately.
AC Cars' recommended retail price is currently GBP 168,000 plus on the road charges.


AC Cars (England) Ltd is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification and we reserve the right to change without notice.
Some features may vary between optional and standard for different model years.