A New AC Cobra Follows Carroll Shelby’s Original Recipe

December 28th, 2020 by Jennifer Sensiba What made the original AC Cobra special was the blending of two cultures. Up to that point, European cars were small and light, had great handling, but also weren’t that powerful. AC’s cars were built on that basic European recipe. American cars of the day were big, heavy, and …

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From retro muscle power to Retro Pure Power

From retro muscle power to Retro Pure Power – that’s the story of AC in 2021- and the new tech is ready to take the two-wheel market by storm too! The transformation of the iconic AC Cobra racing car with its huge, gas-guzzling ‘classic’ V8 petrol engine to one now powered by an advanced, equally …

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The AC Superblower updated for the new world.

So does it have heritage, style, performance and total emissions free capability? Of course, it does – its the latest model in the rebirth of AC Cars. The AC Cobra Series 4–electric or: ‘The AC Superblower updated for the new world’. The true close relation to this exciting new supercar, the AC Cobra Series 4 …

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New AC Cobras arrive in the UK

AC Cars today confirms the arrival in the UK of the first models in its eagerly awaited series of born-again AC Cobra iconic sports cars.The news makes good the promise contained in its press release dated 1 July that the cars would come to Britain so power units could be installed by AC’s Derby-based technical …

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ANOTHER Reborn AC Cobra Due for Sales Launch in Britain

Hard on the heels of the news that two new models in the iconic AC Cobra family are in transit for sale in the UK, comes an announcement that a third recreated AC model will be made available to British-based enthusiasts soon. AC’s dealer just to the north of London, Boss Motor Company of Buckinghamshire, …

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AC Cobras Bound for Britain Once More

The first step to returning one of the world’s motoring icons to its true place – on sale in its spiritual home, the UK – took place today with the shipment to Britain of the two new AC Cobra models announced on the 1st of July. The AC Cobra Series 1 electric is a faithful …

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The AC Cobra is Reborn!

Electrified for the future with strong petrol power option to build on its heritage It is not often that a motoring icon is reborn and updated all at the same time. Yet the two new models in the 2020 AC Cobra range launched today come with sparkling engine options – an all new and purpose-designed …

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New AC Cobra 378

“The Cobra’s got a new V8 from a surprising source, and is easier to live with too. But is it a better drive?” READ FULL ARTICLE